Established in 1991, as family run used bookstore with thousands of gently read books, in stock to chose from. How it all came about I like to read and in about 1987 the house got full. The spare bedroom was literally boxed in.  Then in May of 1991 the garage over flowed and then it happen the books had to go as their was no more room in the house or in the garage.  So the Book Shop was opened.  Well I'm still here and a lot more books have passed through the door of our shop the Ye Old Bookworm.

     All I wanted was a quite little used bookstore.  Well that's how it was suppose to happen. We started with 69,873 and growing to well over 170,000. we got so many book we don't even know what we got. I never planned on being rich and famous. Well I'm still not rich, but the old man is really cleaning up (he's the janitor) and a lot of folks know us now so were sort of famous. We would like to get to know you too. 


     General Stock of Paperback and Hardcover, covering just about every subject, most titles listed are Out-Of-Print. Too many too list on line. We Strive to list all of our Hardback books and only a selected few of the Paperback. So if it is not listed that doesn't mean we don't have it. Drop us a line to search our bookshelves for that book your looking for